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The Business of iPhone and iPad App Development
Written by Dave Wooldridge with Michael Schneider Published by Apress
The excerpt below from the Second Edition's Appendix may NOT be reproduced, reprinted, or republished without prior written permission from Apress or the author. This excerpt is provided for the convenience of the book's readers. Visit the author's book site...

Online Resources for App Research and Marketing

Throughout the app planning, development, and marketing stages, I highly recommend exploring all of the wonderful iOS-related app directories, news, and review sites available online when performing competitive research and acquiring press coverage for your app.

With new sites springing up all the time, this may not represent an exhaustive list of online resources, but with more than 90 links, this collection should serve as a good starting point.

As a reminder, some app review sites may charge a fee to write an app review or to guarantee an expedited review. Tread carefully, and always read a site's app review policy before submitting your app for consideration

iOS App Directories, News, and Review Sites

Analyzing App Ranking Statistics

Analyzing Your App Store Sales Statistics

Additional App Marketing Resources

  • Selling Your Apps Forum (http://iphonedevbook.com/forum/selling-your-apps/): The popular iPhone developers' community forum, iphonedevbook.com, has a dedicated forum called Selling Your Apps, where iOS developers can share business advice and marketing strategies. Join the discussion to either contribute your own knowledge or learn from the experiences of your peers. I'll also be posting on that forum from time to time, so come say hello.
  • The Book's Official Companion Site (http://www.iphonebusinessbook.com/): This is for readers of The Business of iPhone and iPad App Development looking for the latest book updates, blog articles, and download access to the book's example Xcode projects.
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