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iOS App Development Services

Electric Butterfly has been developing high quality software since 1998, now specializing in iOS app development. Take advantage of our programming expertise.

  • UI Design:
    App icon, logo, and user interface design are core strengths here at Electric Butterfly. Having designed the icons and UI for our own Mac and iOS apps (Stimulus, HelpLogic, and NovelRank) and for several client iOS projects (such as Qello and the Better Business Bureau's BBB Search), we understand the unique usability challenges of designing mobile apps for small touchscreen devices.
  • App Development:
    With experience creating several commercial applications of our own for Mac OS X (Stimulus and HelpLogic), iPhone and iPad (NovelRank), as well as apps for other clients (Qello), we have a long history of building quality software. We offer full turn-key services for planning, designing, and programming iOS apps. We pride ourselves on working well with every client's in-house team, providing frequent status updates, project milestone reviews, and extensive code commenting with explanations on how the code works, so that your own in-house team can easily take over the codebase and continue updating the product if desired.
  • Technical Writing:
    Interested in contracting published author and founder Dave Wooldridge to write iOS app documentation, technical books, tutorials, or magazine/blog articles? Due to his busy schedule running Electric Butterfly, publishers and editors should inquire about availability.
  • Consulting Services:
    Already have an in-house development team that could benefit from our expertise? Electric Butterfly can help guide your in-house team with our cost-effective consulting services, providing UI design, programming assistance, beta testing, app marketing solutions, technology recommendations, and problem solving experience tailored to your specific project needs.

If you're interested in hiring Electric Butterfly for your next iOS app project, please email Developer Services at: support@ebutterfly.com


Over the years, Electric Butterfly has been the creative force behind many successful software development, web design, multimedia and marketing projects for such high profile clients as:

  • Anchor Bay Entertainment
  • Barry Levinson Online
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Qello
  • Nielsen EDI
  • NovelRank
  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy
  • VitaminsAndBeauty.com
  • HAKA Sports Clinic
  • Kiddar Group Holdings
  • Smart Racing Products
  • Diana Levinson Gallery
  • Bruce J. Robinson
  • Ty-Gard 2000
  • Geneva Health & Nutrition
  • Hope Pharmaceuticals
  • PureTek
  • SpiderWorks Press
  • Brierley & Partners
  • Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
  • BBB - Better Business Bureau
  • MusicPlayer.com
  • Guitar Player Magazine
  • Bass Player Magazine
  • Keyboard Magazine
  • EQ Magazine
  • Dreamworks SKG
  • New Line Cinema
  • United Airlines
  • Hertz Rent-A-Car
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Warner Bros. Records
  • Warner Custom Music
  • Capitol Records
  • Roger Linn Design
  • Buffy Shutt & Kate Klimo
  • ID Playground
Electric Butterfly designed and developed the official iPhone app for NovelRank.com users. Working in association with NovelRank.com's creator, Mario Lurig, we crafted a native iOS app that fetches live JSON data from the NovelRank.com servers and displays it in a beautiful, easy to use mobile interface.

NovelRank App Main ScreenNovelRank App Book DetailsNovelRank App Rank History

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BBB Search
Electric Butterfly was hired by the Better Business Bureau to design the user interface for their iPhone app, BBB Search. Throughout the design, programming, and testing stages, we worked closely with the BBB and their app development team, Hurdman Communications.

BBB App Main ScreenBBB App Search List ViewBBB App Search Map View

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