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NovelRank for iPhoneNovelRank for iPhone: Amazon Sales Rank Tracker

We're always eager to improve your NovelRank iOS app experience! The app includes built-in help documentation, as well as in-app email support for submitting feedback directly to us from within the app. From the app's main screen, tap the Info button, then select either the Help Guide & FAQ or Send Feedback.

You can report any technical issues, comments, feature requests or bugs to us via email at:
Email  support@ebutterfly.com
Please do NOT post bug reports or feature requests as App Store reviews. Emailing us directly is much more effective and will receive a quicker response. Thanks!
Your email address will be used for internal purposes only. Your privacy is important to us. Read our Privacy Policy for details.
Book Examples
Looking for the code examples from Dave Wooldridge's book, The Business of iPhone and iPad App Development? You can download them from either the publisher's site or the author's book site:
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